Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Documenting Bill’s Fiery Vegan Chocolate Squares Experiment 2

the first principle of alchemy self-evident

magic begins with a powder made of
coca powder, brown sugar, & cayenne pepper

into the blender goes the nut of a wal
which must be ground into dust

line the caldron with the wal dust

add the magic powder

travel to the heart of the alchemist;
a blooming cherry reanimates the silver of rum

a powerful thickening agent must be made
from juice, fruit pectin, and oil

the second principal of alchemy is heat

a low rolling boil will transform
fruit juice into goo

add chill and dip the instrument in
to test the thickness of the agency

life sprang forth from a primordial ooze

now it is time to blend thickness into the silver cherry

the foundation of black magic is coconut milk,
oil, molasses, and cayenne pepper

the second principal of alchemy is heat

the eye of Jupiter stares down from beyond the sky

black magic brews from a storm of fire

now it is time to melt brains into the foundation
of my black magic spell

the gravity well turns inside out to form magma
from the bowels of the cosmos

the third principal of alchemy is time

the primordial ooze flows onto the ground

photons from a distant solar system reflect
off the sea of blood

the earth is built from sedimentary layers of lava

the soil is a powder of magic on the surface
of the sun are spots

Mars, Aries, the god of war, I gaze upon thy face

these spots are magnetic disturbance
flaring out giving black magic life

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