Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here's what I was thinking on August 27, 2009. It is obvious that I was inspired by the film Mosquito Coast. There is a line in movie that I always puzzle over.Martha Plimpton (who plays the preachers daughter) says to River Phoenix (who plays Charlie Fox) "I think about you when I go to the bathroom," as she exits the scene. I have no idea if this statement was meant as an insult or a secret profession of love/lust. Thus, I wrote this listesk poem, most likely at work, is an attempt to ferret out the meaning of those words. 

Isha ahab hesed raham

I think about you
stretching my limbs in bed
ocean liners dream, racing sails to get ahead
laughing in the dark
On a bench, waiting, feeding gulls in the park
running in the halls
Phantom thoughts chase bats through intangible walls
doing dishes in the sink
Skateboarders fancy-dance figures around the rink
lounging on the couch
Slapping palms, pinched bottoms squeak “ouch!”
when I’m struck by swinging doors
Ornate peacocks out on the boulevard play dress up for wars
bathing under the yellow sun
sky marshmallows resemble a juicy hamburger bun
drenched in October rains
A steamy fart smell wafts up grated drains
when I give thanks
Rubbery eyes catcall spike heeled skanks
in the flair of summer
Ball players’ brawl, loose a base it’s a bummer
when I gaze into the razor mirror
A solitary call causes a strong eye to tear
When your baitin’ at the dock
Desolate memories drop lines drag hands about the clock
in the bleakness of winter
Silent voices heard in blackness: a mind splinter
wandering the streets
A silly child hums in time to esoteric drum beats
in the turns of spring
Green bud gives birth to what pink petals mean
when I go to the bath room
Number two, number one, a cat scats off a broom
I think about you


Also check out my new wordpress website. It's a literary journal called Randomly Accessed Poetics! Submissions are open. I will be publishing literary works, explicit language pieces, and eventually a journal a relative wrote in the late 1800's detailing their journey to Oregon on the Oregon Trail. And when I gather enough submitted works from other people, I will be cobbling together an e-anthology called Randomly Accessed Poetics.

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  1. Bill bakes brownies by Larry Crist
    or fudge, he’s not sure which
    Doesn’t have sugar
    substitutes molasses
    Uses flour, that’s kind of old
    Forgets the baking powder
    Margarine in lieu of butter
    Adds vanilla extract
    Throws in a couple eggs
    Crushed walnuts
    His oven runs cool so he
    leaves ‘em in for longer
    than maybe he should
    Seeing that they haven’t risen
    leaves ‘em in a little longer still

    Takes them out
    Lets them cool
, slices ‘em in squares
    They smell good
    with the consistency of hardtack

    Eats them anyway
    Thinks about his mother
    Hers would have been worse
    She taught him everything he knew
    and has managed mostly to forget

    He gazes out his window
    to the street four flights below
    Thinks about milk while chewing
    Having smelled it and checked the date
    Pours it down the sink
    rinses out the carton
    Drinks some tap water
    and has a second piece
    knowing it will not improve with age
    Thinks about writing
    eats a third piece of whateveritis
    thinks a little more about writing