Monday, April 11, 2011

Time Masheen IV Spring Snows

Since this is national poetry month, for the remainder of it I'm going to post many past disasterpieces. I found a whole notebook of them while doing some spring sorting this morning.

Spring Snows

Lacy pink petals
fall from the sky
collect in drifts
on street edges

A sign from outside bleeps on and off
through tall church hall windows
The Jazzman's lips
chumble and churn
"Real Deal Flea Market Thrift Center"
peers through
a blue love ballad oozes
out off the dais
like CO2 fog
                 ----- May 5, 2002

Guitar Players

can't dance. Electrified music moves their souls.
Animated tidal forces stir
luminous clouds of sea creatures.
Lacking instruments
they would dance like dorks
playing air guitar
in a dim high school gym.
A disco ball casts snowy sparkles
on dancers who flop
about the room
like dying fish.

                 ----- May 8, 2003

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