Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stream of my Consciousness Spring 1988

this 23 year old collage writing experiment is my first poem

SPACE in my mind is finitely large as the universe so many bodies beyond comprehension infinite in beauty  a pulsar the burned out remains of a star with a last spark of life super collapsed to the size of the earth with a mean density of ten-to-the 15th grams-per-centimeter-cubed a sugar cube at one million billion grams imagine it rotating at over a hundred times per second emitting a beam flash of solid photons light  with the power to rip you to bacon from a few light days away  imagine a cloud of dust and gas glowing the color of hydrogen the remains of a star  ripping the outer atmosphere off by a colossal surge outward... inward falling with only neutrons to keep it from shrinking to a singularity of an iron core dying star  SUPERNOVA  many things more beautiful than man made art to be IMAGINED CALCULATED AND THEORIZED THE UNIVERSE IN BETWEEN MY EARS IMAGINE.

---This piece was published in the 1988 Edition of the 20th Century: The Exquisite Corpse produced by Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

The above was a piece I composed when I was a science student accomplishing college transfer courses in my last term at community college before I entered Linfield College.

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