Friday, April 22, 2011

Glance Backward into My Head (A Spring 1988 Flash Fiction)


He slashed his sword popping the head off one of the slimy aliens. On the back swing, he sliced through the middle of two more. Screaming, “you slimy bastards, you fucking children of bitches, you killed my brother….!”

Insect like body parts flew and black blood spattered with each sweep of his sword. After thirty ions he slaughtered all fifty of ‘em. He strutted over the pile of bodies to where the scattered remains of his half brother lay. He knelt down and picked up Daynel’s head and cradled it in his arms. He kissed the lifeless forehead. As he raised up a look melancholy crept upon his face, his mood rapidly changed to vengeance. In a fit of rage he threw the head across the cargo bay where it smashed like a ripe hydromelon against the wall.

“I Shall Avenge You!!!” Brakoog bellowed. An instant later he disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

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