Saturday, April 16, 2011

Glance Backward into My Head (A Spring 1988 Free Write)

test  test  cos (-theta) = cos (theta), sin (-theta) = sin (theta), sin (-theta) = - sin (theta), tan (-theta) = - tan (theta), CSC (theta) = 1 / sin (theta), sec (theta) = 1 / cos (theta)  oh no i'm going to fail this one too  to much art  can't think logically  thursday night theater  first run  hope for a big audience  but don't think so  sin-squared (theta) + cos-squared (theta) = 1, x-squared / x + y-squared / x = r-squared / x => 1 + tan-squared (theta) = something  can't think  can't think  can't think  only two tests left to bring up my gpa  can't get another "c" grade  need a B+  next year calculus + physics  falling asleep  so tired sleep sleeeeeeeepppppppp foreeeevvvverrrrrr sllllleeeeeeppppppppppp  SLOWING  SLOWING  SLOWING  DOWN   can't sleep  can't sleep  D = the square-root of the quantity (x2 - x1)-squared + (y2 -y1)-squared times the square-root of the quantity (sin (beta) - sin (alpha))-squared + (cos (beta) - cos (alpha))-squared = madness  madness  MADNESS (theta)-squared + one

I am finding great stuff for national poetic disasterpiece month down at my folks' farm in Grand Ronde, Oregon...

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