Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vacancy is in the Eyes

knock, knock...who's there...knock...knock

I'm sorry if I failed to be clever with my words here. Grace is my favorite cat at my folk's place in beautiful Grand Ronde, Oregon.

Every time I go down for a visit, I try to take a picture of this cat.. When I am lucky enough to see her still I either get a big blur or vacant eyes. I mean this cat next to me on the bed I slept in as a child seems like she's full of life. She's been purring away every time I stroke her tail. And my nose is getting stuffy. It must be the gray and white fur or the wood heat.

When I was a boy, dad rigged the wood stove to double as a hot water heater. We were the only house in the neighborhood with a hot water tank in the family room. And we were the only house to have hot water when the power grid went down during a storm of when a neighbor decided to wrap his car around a telephone pole. This happened a lot before the MADD came into existence. The drinking and driving laws began to stiffen when I was junior or senior in high school. I remember my homeroom teacher lecturing about the dangers of drinking and driving. I thought she was full of shit.

Back then it was easier to get away with stuff. I often wonder if we aren't living in g-dam police state. Especially, when we have such a lawyer and prison population. We have given up a lot in the last one hundred years. Hell, America invented fascism. The father of fascism was Woodrow Wilson who was the 28th President in power from 1913 to 1921. Who brought us such delights as the income tax, sedition act, and essentially changed the liberal democrat party away from libertarianism or classic liberalism (economic laissez fairism used to be the platform cry of liberalism. This must be why my Jewish grandfather switched his political view from being a democrat to republican later in his life) to what it has become today. He also locked away 150,000 Americans for speaking in seditious tongues against his presidency and the war. And he, like Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood who by the way applauded the murders of my relatives in Nazi death camps) was also firm believer in eugenics, but then again so were many of the intellectual giants of the early twentieth century. Yes, Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler learned it all from him. It must be something about the "W" in a name to bring out the dictator in a president. I wonder how long will it be before we too have troops on our streets like Israel? They will say it is for our own security.

I don't know how I got here. I don't usually in this current era talk politics. I'm not a political person. My political beliefs border on atheism. All I wanted to do was talk about this cat and the seemingly vacant dull gray like shark eyes I captured in a photograph. I guess that means this cat is a cold blooded killer at heart too.

Well, at least now she is snuggling up to me. Snuggles today, nibbles on rigamortis toes of distant tomorrow.

maybe someone is home behind the cat eyes


  1. Cats know so much--don't trust the vacancy! Someone IS home.

  2. Yeh, but that's not what the picture says :)