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Dreaming Pig Veal and The Erotic Eye Prints Neat Images

The mastermind Slim plots for a play
I was going to shamelessly brag about the game I won almost two weeks ago, but I ran out of energy. I even had the post half written before the minute hand struck midnight that very day. However, that didn't happen. So, instead, today I changed plans to a combined Scrabble Poetry post. The games I am drawing from occurred on the 22nd and 29th of January. The lines of creativity were panted by these individuals: Nate, Annette, Ahmed, Amanda, Slim, and myself.

I'll leave it up to the originators of these word images to untangle the authorship of each.

Nate and Annette, hawk eyes rode the room
The Erotic Eye Prints Neat Images

Dining on images
An erotic wind
Braids neat stations
My eye rode the room

An erotic hawk in braids  
Gazed upon neat images
     of the pugs. 

If braids erotic room
If rodes station wind
Qi fa qi, qi

If pug sod neat not ut
If dining stations wind
            Hawks yelp

The last two tiles spelling "fa" &" et"
allowed me to win! 
             Eyes eck
            Sox imagine

Od, a duel ye la er os
            or gripes ads
            my ad my qi
            ha ae fe
            em my

The yelp of a hog braids through the room. 

An erotic eye prints neat images on the winds of rode.

note the angles and the monster in the lair
 the music speeds like a van to a thrill


Amanda's Scrabble Poem

 Pig Veal Dreaming

Meek dreaming make for small buds of doubt.
dreaming in fives
drags fear from the lair
Scared dreamers are veal
to lips unopened
dream laso your desire
woo your heart

Jo lives in a van on the wharf
He wooed a meek geek.
Dreaming, he lasoed a pig on a bug.

Dreaming I gripe, miffed at another loss
 A tin toy drags five cones.
The lips of the veal scared Jo.

The geek had one pox on her lip.
She spoke a word "um-ti-za-ne."
Miffed and scorned, 
Bud a stranger passing by
Hung himself from a lasso off the wharf.

(More Scribbles Could be added here)
Try and read Ahmed's addition

The 1/22/2011 game that I won

The Erotic Eye Prints Neat Images was crafted from these words of this board (in order played): Due, gripe, braids, pug, rode, et / ut, room / od / os, em / eck, yelp, erotic, eye / er, hawk, pugs / sod, ha / ae / ae, no / not, not / neat, duel, dining, wind / en / ad, hog, he / er / or, la / ab, qi, ads / station, sox, stations / images, my / ye / ae, fe / fa / et

The scores (in case you're not interested, but I could eye them again) were:

     Annette = 90 – 31 = 59
     Ahmed = 145 – 4 = 141
     Nate = 149 – 10 = 139
     Me = 113 + 31 + 4 + 10 = 158

Words played in the 1/29/2011 Scrabble game

Pig Veal Dreaming stems from the fruits of this tree: word, lair, chai / la / ai, drags, cone, he / oe, qat, an / ne / and, wo / oy / toy, sh / hung, pig / qi, yen, geek, van, ad, meek, qats / us, care / ye, be / be, um, tin / ti / won, bud / bug, pox, lips / scare, veal, five, laso / si / op, miff, jo, dreaming, za, wharf, woo

The final scores for this game (though I'm not interested in seeing them again) were:

     Amanda = 196 - 6 = 190
     Ahmed = 255 + 3 + 6 = 264    
     Me = 144 - 3 = 141

This game is played once a week (usually Saturday a tad bit prior to noon) at Cafe Racer. Ahmed posts the invitation on couch surfers. All challengers are welcome.

If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in challenging Ahmed (and participating in the Scrabble Poetry writing exercise immediately following loosing the game) shoot me an email about two days before (Saturday) for the exact meet time.

As in many movies a titled screen denotes danger

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