Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 Failure

...Backing into the wrong side of the road...
For the past month, I've been trying to get my license back. Why on earth I ever let the dam thing expire, is beyond me now. Oh well, Ce la Vie, such is life, we live and we learn. So all you out there in blobland: NEVER LET YOU DRIVERS LICENSE EXPIRE ! ! !

I took the written test three weeks back on Agust 17th and passed it with a near perfect score. The lady who served me, let me walk away without a drivers permit. I even asked for one and she said I didn't need it. I later called and found out that I couldn't practice or take the drive test without a permit. So, I went back in on Saturday, 9/21, early in the morning to stand two hours in line before the shop opened plus an additional two hours after the doors opened to pay an twenty dollars for a permit. Thus, far I am sixty dollars into it. And those bastards in government jobs have ripped me off twenty bucks. According to the DOL website, if I had bought a permit instead of a written test, I would have gotten two tries (which I only used one) at the written test for the same twenty dollars. I am never voting a pay raise for one of those mother fuckers ever again. As you can see, Tolkien is a huge literary influence on my life. If you've never read the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings then you might not know what I'm talking about.

Last Thursday, September 9th, I took the drive test with three practice drives under my belt and failed the test. I didn't even make it all the way through the exam before failing it.  

See, it says Not Qualified to drive...
I saved my score sheet so I know what I need to practice on just in case you want to be reminded of the different categories: backing, parallel parking, park and start on a hill, starting, lane travel, traffic control devices, stop signs / flashing lights, traffic signal lights, mechanical operation, left turns, right turns, uncontrolled intersections, following, passing, right-of-way, and general driving performance.

I failed the test with a fatal error. The tester wanted me to back around a corner to simulate backing into or out of a alley into traffic. Here's what happened. In my mind, I visualized that I needed to be on the left side of the street instead of right side, but in my mind left and right was reversed. Left-right reversal errors are not unusual for me to make. My day's not complete until I confuse my left with my right a hundred times. And this is why I believe that I have Jewish blood in me, because when I was learning the Hebrew alphabet in college, writing right to left felt more natural to me than writing left to right. After ten credits of Hebrew, I unlearned six years of the Special Ed class I was in all the way through elementary school where they taught me how to write left to right. I was all screwed up in this part of the exam.

On Friday, September 17th, I am taking it again down in Tacoma. I hope I pass it this time.
What gets me though is that when I was 16, I passed the drive test on the first time with nearly a perfect score. And everybody I practice drove with could see nothing wrong with my driving skill. It was as if I never had a seven year gap in my drive history. I wonder how many people with twenty-plus years of driving experience could pass a DMV drive test?

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